Roly Poly Land - better than Club Penguin, free kids game

RolyPolyLand review
Here is another great free online browser game for kids. It is called Roly Poly Land and it is like Club Penguin but much, much better. The game is a fairy-tale land where Rolies live and is for around 4 to 12 year old children that like having fun.
This game is like a free Club Penguin, you login, create your own Roly and then go and explore and play. You can chat with your friends and go on thrilling adventures, join the different clubs, have fun playing all types of games, quizzes and sports and of course even decorate your own home to make it beautiful just how you like.
There really is lots to do in RolyPolyLand online game. Look at all this… you can get new clothes and have fashion shows, all types of furniture and houses (even take baby home to look after and have friends visit), take part in adventures championships and quests, go to Magician's School and learn lessons and get magic powers, visit secret places (sounds exciting) , even become a super-racer because everyone has a car in this game.
It sounds a fantastic kids game doesn’t it?
Roly Poly Land has full time moderators and filters to make this a kids safe game that they can enjoy without being harassed or bullied. I have read that there are cheats for Roly Poly Land and hacks for RolyPolyLand but I don’t know of any.
This game started in Russia and was called Shararam in the Land of the Smeshariki but now is called RolyPolyLand and is available for kids in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Spain and Latin American. It is in Spanish, English

Roly Poly Land it is like Club Penguin but much, much better. Shararam in the Land of the Smeshariki


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It's more that RP is copying CP, and club penguin is still better.

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