DD Tank review - super cute, super fun free game

DD Tank. This free online game is much like the hit game called Worms but is a turn-based PvP shooter game that has whole lot of social attributes as well as having a huge variety of super-entertaining weapons.
The gameplay of DDTank is the same style as the masterpiece Worms game (yes, a free online Worms game!), you need to do things like checking angles, altitude, wind speed as well as other aspects but what makes it great is adds cool RPG and social elements to the mix. There is a wide range of weapons to fire, item to collect, and other gear to add.

The game is not a downloadable game but runs in a browser window, download free is great. Because you don’t need to download or install any files I find this free online game really easy to get into and a nice, friendly casual game. It is one of those types of games that is easy to learn but to be a real champion takes time. There are lots of game modes that can have upto 4 players per match and also give you different quests to complete giving you the RPG part.

DD Tank game is a free MMO with really cute graphics. Players are able to decorate their game characters with all types of costumes and power-ups. Some item do cost real money though and some of these can end up cost a lot of money, I just use what is free. It seems like there are a lot of girls and guys playing this so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding people to battle and interact with. There is even a Chapel to get married in – then you can pair up in battle! There is a good chat system in the game where you can chat to everyone or only to your opponants in battle or to your own league of player or even a private chat.

The battles in DDTank are nice and straight forward: basically you aim your weapon and either kill or knock your enemies off the map. Simple. You get Power Ups that let you do a heap of different things like increasing the number, the amount and the power of your attacks, or increasing your POW meter, giving you back HP, making you invisible good stuff like that!

A pretty good and fun game that is free if you want to try it out., just don’t waste your money buying the little extras.

DD Tank free online game for girls and guys

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