Free Babylon RPG Space Flight simulator - Babylon 5: I've Found Her

The next game for a review is called Babylon 5: I've Found Her. It is a completely free game based on Babylon 5 TV series. So anyone after a free Babylon 5 RPG space flight simulator, this is the game you need. I have heard that a while back the Sierra game company was working on a game called Babylon 5 Into the Fire and was essentially a Babylon 5 based space flight Simulator. The game was cancelled but it looks like these fans ended up making a great version.

The game is fairly simple in its layout and is very easy to set up. Each mission is accompanied by cut scenes and mission description with sound and text. The ship rendering models are made very good and look like they belong to the TV series. Playing the game is stress-free and space combat is easy to pick up but if you are having problems there is a tutorial where you are trained by veteran pilot. This free game gives you the ability to lead the team of space fighters, give commands to them and interact with other pilots.

This game will works easy on any on any new computer but it still is fantastic even on older PCs . It is fun but remember being a simulation it can be a little complicated but that is like any simulation game. Graphics are very good and so is the sound which sound like it is 3D.

The current mission is called Danger And Opportunity but there is a new one that is soon to be released called Black Omega – I guess Babylon 5: I've Found Her - Black Omega! As it is, it has good story, very good graphics, very good sound, and good space flight sim model but there will be all new ships and better graphics with the new mission. The action can race by very quick, enemies are small and nimble and you aren’t plus your weapons are limited but this is all what makes it good. You don’t want it to be a simple arcade game do you? You can also play this game as an online multiplayer game so it doesn’t just have to be a single player game.

free Babylon 5 RPG Flight simulator

free space flight sim Babylon 5: I've Found Her cutscene

free space flight sim Babylon 5: I've Found Her - Black Omega

free flight sim Babylon 5: I've Found Her - Black Omega

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