Free Online Werewolf Game

Free Online Werewolf game. At the moment I am interested in these werewolf games but they are hard to find.

Crimson Moon looks pretty good and is fun to play. Crimson Moon is a free RPG Game the plays completely in your internet browser (that's right, all you need to play Crimson Moon is a browser and an internet connection) The game has three types of characters Werewolves, Vampires and, a mix of both, Hybrids.
When playing the game you increase your stats by leveling up via battles. You gain your energy slowly every hour but be careful becuas eyou need this energy to do battles. To do well in battles you need to have a good type of weapon and some good armour. The werewolf and Vampire battles are very fierce and violent - well they are monsters fighting, aren't they.
A good game if you are after a free Werewolf or Vampire online game.

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