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Avelia Pet Adventures is a incomparable free massive multiplayer adventure game for the personal computer, which allows you invent, farm, breed, and bring up your own cute pets. You are able to swap your new pet that you have grown, you can play all types of little mini-games with your pets, and gather up magic flowers.
Avelia Pet Adventures features a really cool pet designer in which you are able to use to invent any pet you can think of whether it is cute and cuddly online pet or mean and tough online pet. The little pet designer game is very easy to use and still very powerful, and best of all it is really good fun to use. Once you design your pet's shape, you are able to produce a brand-new variation of that pet at house on your personalised farm.
Once you have a brand-new little pet, you will be able to bring it out into the pet farming world, a side-scrolling common region. At that place you will meet other game players and all their cool pets. You can talk to other players, roam around the world and play the mini-games that are all around the Avelia world. The mini-games are seemingly simple but at the same time challenging so they are not boring. And you are able to win game money and special magical blooms and flowers.
So what are the magic blooms and flowers used for? Well, when you are back at your home on the pet farm you can use the magical flowers you have gathered up or won to make brand-new pets all with special colours, patterns, shapes and statistics.
I know lots of kids and adults like free online pet games so readers give this one a try.
free multiplayer online pet game

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