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Free Realms is a free 3D virtual world that is a browser based game, made for tweens and teens. You can create your character and then can do just about whatever you fell like doing. Things like battling bad enemies and duelling other players, training your pets to do little tricks, mining for gold and treasures, even racing cars.
But that isn't all to this online game. There are also a heap of mini-games to play and even a trading card game plus a chat system for keeping in touch of friends.

This free game does look like a kids game with cute graphics but it goes beyond just a normal MMORPG because of how many options and different things you can do. Most MMORPGs are just about battle, this game though, fighting can just be a small part. You can do lots of other stuff like cooking games, kart racing, wizardry games and doing some of these get you playing mini-games to build experience or collect items you need. I think there are about 15 different jobs in the game , only 6 are battle ones. The card duelling game is just like , say, the Pokemon Trading Card Game battles or YuGiOh cards and not only can you collect cards online for free you can get real cards in stores (haven't seen any though).

The graphical style is really nice, very cartoony and fantasy looking. It has great colours and the scenery and creatures look really good. It's a very good free-to-play MMORPG browser game that is suitable for kids (it has a great parent control options so very safe online game for kids) and also others. Free Realms is made especially for tweens, teens, and their families, even parents are welcome. In fact, parents will want to play with your kids! It is for people that like Flash type games and also games like regular MMOs. Worth a try seeing it is free and it's from Sony so you could trust it, I think.
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