Battle Knight Online Game

Another good online game to play. Battle Knight is a game that is browser based - meaning you don't need to download the game, it just played in your browser online.

You play by creating a character and making sure that the character trains to build up levels and become a mighty knight. By taking on different missions you start getting money to be able to get greater weapons, items like broad swords, crusader swords or armour, horses, a mace... items like this that you will need to be the greatest Knight there is.

The game is not a full graphical style game, no 3D animation while you walk around. I really like this style as I can see all my info on screen and really use imagination to get the most of the gaming experience.

The game features character levels, and higher levels will allow players to purchase better equipment for their knight (or knight-in-training). Each day, knights will be able to go on missions, duel other knights, work for silver, and train their skills by spending their hard-earned silver coins. You can play as evil or good and different missions will be available.

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