Free Retro Game, NeoCron Arcade

NeoCron Arcade is a free online game based on the MMORPG NeoCron game. This free game is a real classic arcade shooter that is full of mutants, crime zombies and guns... lots of big guns! Actually it looks like it should have Vampires and Werewolves in the game as well. You play the game as Jones an agent that works for the city and you need to go out and check for strange creatures.

Now you are in the game and you are blasting your way through lots of level, each looking different. Along the free game you can collect various power-ups and different weapons to help you destroy the baddies - you even have a slow-mo feature to help blast away the many creatures you need to kill.

All in all, not a bad little game. Like I mentioned it's a classic style arcade game that you would find on lots of computers and consoles. It is only a small download, around 30MB and plays well. I am not sure if it is an Apple OSx version available. A great Retro style game and FREE.

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Binesh Singh said...

i enjoyed to play this game. more thrills in this game

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