Richman Online - A Free Online Monopoly Game

If you need a rest from playing Pokemon RPGs or other online games that make you battle monster after monster may I suggest a new game that is heaps of fun playing with your friends and family online? The game is called Richman Online and if you remember sitting around a table with a game-board, laughing and chatting while playing Monopoly you will love this.

It is a game where your fortunes could and do change with nearly every move? As I mentioned it is like a free online Monopoly game but in a Japanese Anime style and of course a lot faster and heaps more fun than the Monopoly board game. It is super easy to play and never boring as it mixes different things from board games and video games to make an interesting fun online game.
It is really worth a try and to play against friends. It is made by the same crowd that makes the fanatastic Dream Of Mirror Online game. free richman online monoply game
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