Monsters Game Free Werewolf Vs Vampire Game

MonstersGame is a free online roleplaying game (RPG) that doesn't need you to download software. You play the game completely in your web browser that you use, I have tried it in IE7 and Firefox and it works fine so that would mean it will also be a free game for the Apple OSx Mac computers!

In the game you as player gets to choose what character you want to play, either a great Vampire or a vicious Werewolf, in a world battle to be the top. You get to join teams to help increase you chance of winning. The game is a PvP game, that means Player versus Player in case you aren't sure what is PvP. So for the game this is meaning you as a player can attack other players that are a different race to you - if you are a werewolf you get to attack vampires. The game is set so you can randomly search for a player to attack every 15 minutes (pro online player is every 5 minutes). Something a little different is you can have kind of pets to train - different idea. The collect gold in the free Online game by hunting other players so you can buy weapons , upgrades etc.

The graphics are are not mind blowing and can never be as good as if it was a game you downloaded but as a browser based game it's fairly good. Sound on the other hand isn't up to it but I have read that the developers RedMoon Studios will be improving the game including sound and releasing new updates all the time. A very good werewolf rpg or vampire rpg.
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Superman5025 said...

bitefight is also a vampire and werewolf game
it is the link to it.
monstergame is also vampire and werewolf game
it is the link to it.

twrex said...

Reign of Blood is a fun game also, all Vampires all the time.

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