Best Free Online Dance Game - 5 Street

5 Street is probably the best free online dance game around. Much better than Dance!Online and Audition Dance Battle becuase of it's much better multiplayer world. The others are pretty much just set in different locations or rooms where 5 Street lets you walk freely around interacting with the city and people.

5Street is an easy to play 3D gaphics dancing game with a huge social side. As I mentioned all players can explore and wander around the dance game world, of course dress up their players in all sorts of ways and then the best part - dance either solo or in a team.

It has good 3D graphics especially for a Free Dance Game which make the world very appealing and wanting you to explore it. You can join in a dance with everyone in the zone you are in and there are lots of dance modes. One thing that will improve I hope is the limited song selection and most items and clothes are cash shop only (I hope they improve the free selection a little more). Not a bad Free Game to play online with friends and good for younger teens.
Best Free Games Online 5 street online dance game

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