Audition A Free Online Dance Game

I have to say that when I first saw this game, I didn't expect much as it looked like the free online game Dance Online. But now I have played Audition Dance Battle, it is good enough to go back again and again - it really is a lot of fun.
There are over 15 play modes such as individual and team modes, special challenges etc. I like the Dance Battles but also Ballroom Dance and BBoy Battle are great. A good thing is there is at least 50 songs to choose from so you won't get bored playing the same over and over.
It is pretty easy to understand how to play by just using an arrow sequence and then pressing your space bar in time with the beat but that is also the hard challenge as well. I also like how much choice you have in dressing your character - lots of cool outfits to choose from.
All in all, this is an excellent free online game to play against friends. Sometimes I noticed a bit of lag but this was rare so I wouldn't worry about it. And, of course, as with most free online games there are extras that you can pay for such as new clothing, special areas and such.
Audition Best Free Online Dance Game
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