Free MMOFPS Blackshot

Blackshot is a 3D first person shooter, yes thats right a FREE FPS Shooter that at the moment is being made by a company named Outspark. This FPS game Blackshot has very realistic graphics with battles set in modern situations.
Looking at the games screenshots there is a great range of gun and other weapons and of course lots of map options. It looks like there is Multiplayer, Coop and Single player content, pretty good for a free online game. I guess you could call it a MMOFPS (massively multiplayer online front person shooter) and looks to be a free Call of Duty type game.

From the game - One common motivation - the desire to do anything necessary to keep the money rolling
in. Travis Banner, Vanessa Green, and Cathy Finn are led by Adam Garcia as mercenar-
ies with a desire to do nothing but kill for the taste of money and blood.
Fielding commands from wealthy, powerful nations, these killers are lawless.
Without laws, they will do anything to get the job done.
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