Small Worlds A Free Online Game Like Habbo, IMVU

I have just checked out a new free online game called Small Worlds. It is a 3D game that you can play completely in a browser, so no downloads needed! This online game is more a 3D community style thing where you have lots of friends you can meet with and do many things like chatting, watching youtube videos, playing games against each other, online dancing… tons of things to do or just hang around. I have even seen two people get married online in Small Worlds!!

SmallWorlds is , I guess, a free 3D virtual world that as I mentioned above runs inside the web browser you like to use, it worked fine with Internet Explorer and Firefox3 for me. It lets you to build your own room or your own house and set it up with furniture and heaps of other items and fun activities. The game looks like it is a really good 3D version of Habbo Hotel (except free of course) or IMVU and aimed at kids and teens. You can hang out and chat, play pool or golf

small worlds free 3d online virtual world

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