GoGo Racer - free online car race MMO game

A small review on a great looking new free online race game that looks like a free Mario Kart online game. The game is called GoGo Racer and it looks superb. It is a free to play game (I guess you can pay for extras if you want). The graphics are 3D style and cartoon looking, just like the Nintendo Mario Cart game on the Wii. And because it is an online game it has some cool multi-player components - yes it is a free Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO).

The aim for all the players is to compete in all types are car/ kart/ cart races and try to win car parts, medals etc plus try to get on the leader board and rank above others. There are a heap of different types of competitions - you can enter car/cart races in head to head challenges against other online players, you can enter races and participate in some team races, or simply, just race to get the fastest racing time on a course to prove to all how good your racing is.

It had a good game race tutorial showing you all you can do, even though it is pretty easy to race around a track. The store had a heap of upgrades to get which is good, I guess. A big plus was the tracks had a big variation and didn't look all the same with different trees.

GoGo Racer - free online car race MMO game
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