zOMG free browser based online MMO

zOMG is fairly good, for a free browser based MMO. Some of the quests are a bit annoying but the character customisation and the craziness of the types of enemies you face kind of balance it all out. I have found the music in this free MMO is wonderful and non-repetitive. The graphics possess that fastidious, polished, refined appearance with a cartoony look. The best part is that zOMG needs no download just play this RPG MMO in your browser. Yes! a free-to-play browser-based online massively multi-player game, yippee.

The game play is pretty addicting because not as much of a focus is on grinding plus no need to worry about messing up your character seeing you are able to be any character class and swap around any time - levelling up everything is through the fancy, original ring system.
The game has everything from missions and mini-games to customisable profiles as well as chat, zOMG! is an friendly setting for people to take part in games, greet friends, and explore. The NPCs (non playing characters) have realistic and lifelike dialogue and the story tale is, in fact, fascinating, and even funny at points

So the game story in a nutshell, well stuff that used to not be living (inanimate things like alarm clocks and ship anchors) are coming to life. People have started calling these newly-alive beasts The Animated. The most horrible part is that The Animated appear to truly hate us, The Naturals, in the game world and as a consequence that means that they normally attack players on sight.

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