Kaneva - free online world like IMVU

Kaneva is a free game online where you explore areas, meet friends, play games with your friends, dance with them, win prizes, and more - you can even play YouTube videos to your friends in your house and watch full episodes of Family Guy.
It is a social world much like There or IMVU. A lot is free but some with the option to pay for additional features.

This is another of my useful , star wars lego minifigures blogs I write at the moment. Keep checking back here for more of the Best Free Games Online.


kimmyj1002 said...

kaneva is the wackest game ever, there "moderators" are extremely rude and there are pervs on there. soo umm yea right!!

micki said...

imvu is stupid cuz its only compatible for windows and NOT macs. dont even download tht and kaneva is stupid also cuz its only compatible for windows. -.- its waste of gigabytes for ure computer. DONT ever get stuff like these.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! One time on IMVU, a 54 year old man confronted me on how I was dressed on the game.(I was wearing a hoodie and jeans with heels, people) IMVU does have total pervs on there and jerks, too! Don't download IMVU or Kaneva!

Anonymous said...

i was harassed on IMVU by a 54 yr old man who said he wanted to suck my tits! totally unacceptable!! don't ever get that or kaneva!

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