BOTS (Bots of Unlimited Transformation) is a one-of-a-kind multiplayer online action game that all ages can enjoy. You build your BOT by changing your body, head, arms, or even add wings. Buy and trade parts to customize your BOT. Make your BOTS unique like you.

BOTS features three different types of game play:
Players vs. Viruses:Single or multiple players fight against the VirusBOTS. As you destroy the Viruses, you earn experience and Gigas, which help you level up and upgrade your BOT. Some of the Viruses will evendrop valuable items.
Players vs. Players:Test your skills in head to head or team- basedcombat against 1 to 7 other human opponents in unique maps.
PvP Base Mode:You and fellow teammates must destroy the opposing team’s base

Great looking game and certainly worth being on the best free games online list.
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