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Horse Isle is a huge multi-player horse based world. This free online game allows many players to interact while searching for wild horses galloping around the lands. Once you have a horse, you can train it, take care of it, and compete with other players. This involves things like racing, jumping, dressage.
There is a lot of other stuff for the free online game as well -
Mini-games throughout the world that are multiplayer also. You can solve quests and adventures by talking with characters in the game. You can buy and build your very own ranch.
Interacting with other players via chat, private chat, postal messages, actions, trading, competitive mini-games, and cooperative mini-games. Group activities include drawing rooms, music rooms, and poetry rooms!

The graphics are simple 2D but they have been beautifully drawn to create an interesting and vast world to explore. This land is completely non-violent so it is a great place for any aged player to have fun.
This game is browser based, no download needed and works with Windows, Mac OSx and Linux.
horse isle - desert area - free online game

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